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Major projects: Soon it will be Saguenay's turn, says Fitzgibbon

Major projects: Soon it will be Saguenay's turn, says Fitzgibbon

Will it soon be Saguenay-Lac Saint-Jean's turn to host a major economic project? Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon convinced the business community during his visit to the region on Thursday.

The elected official, who is head of the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Innovation, confirmed that we will soon witness the implementation of a major project in the industrial port area.

The minister has made himself clear in recent hours. After Northvolt in Montérégie and Lithium Universe in Bécancour, the industrial port area of ​​Saguenay will finally see the birth of a major project.

“Labor issues, housing issues and education issues mean people want to see other regions and I think Saguenay is in a good position,” Pierre Fitzgibbon noted.

His speech was considered encouraging in the region. “We have confidence. We know that in the battery sector, there are still investments that the Quebec government will announce. We know that these are long-term issues, so we hope to make an announcement in the months “The next one.”

While businesses would have avoided the region due to the distance from Quebec, Montreal and Toronto, Councilor Michel Potvin raised the idea of ​​offering additional financial incentives for businesses to locate in Saguenay.

Quebec closes the door on this solution. “I don't think that at this time, we need additional incentives for Saguenay, for the following reason: regions in Quebec that are ready to receive companies with good regions, access to deep water, access to talent in Saguenay,” he said. Minister of Economy with full conviction.

Therefore, the Minister of Economy is convinced that Saguenay has all the necessary capabilities. All that's left is one company that will also be convinced.

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