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Economic update: “Guardian angels are angry”

Economic update: “Guardian angels are angry”

Régine Laurent had a special thought about healthcare workers when she listened to Minister Girard’s economic update.

“When I heard Minister Girard, I thought to myself: ‘Oh, the guardian angels are angry,’” says the former FIQ president.

The minister presented arguments to his colleague Sonia Lebel by pointing out that inflation over the next five years will be less than 13%.

Remember, the government’s latest offer to public-facing employees was exactly higher than Minister Girard’s inflation forecast.

“The union members are as angry as I have rarely seen. Sorry for the expression, but I think the union members need to slap the government.”

Discontent among union members began a few months ago when the government made its first offer.

He added: “The 9% offers over five years were a serious mistake to start post-pandemic negotiations, and we add to that the 30% increase for the representatives.” It is clear that these negotiations will be difficult. She stressed that the unions are screaming their anger.

Watch Régine Laurent’s explanations in the video above.

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