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Montreal Burger King Serves Him Raw Chicken: ‘I Was Furious’

A customer at a Burger King restaurant in Montreal said she was “furious” after realizing the chicken in her burger was raw.

Mona Saeb went to a branch of the fast food chain at the corner of Guy and St. Catherine Streets in downtown Montreal, Thursday-Friday night.

Upon arriving at the site, she is informed that the company is preparing to no longer accept new orders. It was around 3 am, as the restaurant closed after an hour.

She finally managed to order a crispy chicken sandwich, and decided to eat it in the Uber taxi that was taking her home.

After a few bites, she noticed an unnatural taste in her burger, which, according to her, was “masked with ketchup and mayonnaise.” So you decide to pack it into the taxi.


After returning to her residence, Mona checks on the quality of the sandwich. At this moment, she discovers with astonishment that she has been served raw chicken.

Remember that Mona has already eaten part of her meal. She claims she felt an ailment in her digestive system after a few moments.

“I was shocked to see the sticky raw piece of chicken,” she shared on Instagram.

Mona joined TVA Nouvelles, still not believing what happened to her. At first, she was angry because the staff served her raw food.

“I was really angry. The restaurant was supposed to close at 4 am […] I was obviously their last customer for the evening (because the staff wanted to close early). The chicken was obviously raw, plus it was breaded. “It never happened to me in the past,” she said.

She claims she vomited 10 hours after eating her burger. Since then, she has been afraid of contracting salmonellosis.

“I was disrespectful. My risk of continuing to be infected is very high. I had to take off on Friday. I still have digestive issues. I expect my situation to get worse in the next few hours.”

The branch manager reportedly called Mona the next day. According to her, he offered her a refund for her sandwich and a free meal on her next visit.

“Obviously I won’t go back to eat there,” she admitted.

The Burger King Canada team contacted them, but did not respond, as the company simply claimed the chicken was undercooked.

To her, it was an obvious lie: “He had complete faith in him,” she knocked twice.

We’ve tried contacting Burger King’s parent company, Restaurants Brands International, to no avail.