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Substantial increases in municipal taxes throughout Quebec

Municipal tax increases hurt this year. Compilation by Newspaper It shows that among the 50 largest cities in Quebec, Saint-Lyn-Laurentides is where the increase in the average bill for accommodation is 20% higher. In Mirabel, the increase was about 12% and in Saint-Jerome, about 10%. Larger cities like Montreal (4.1%), Quebec (2.44%), Laval (4.8%), and Gatineau (3.16%) managed to keep their average increase more modest. By comparison, inflation was around 6.7% last year in Quebec.

In order not to be confusing

change in tax rate

The tax rate, often expressed in dollars per $100 local assessment of your building, is used to calculate your municipal tax bill. In most cities, that rate has fallen this year, but that’s to make up for the fact that the value of buildings has skyrocketed. In the end, the bill sent to the landlords is still an increase compared to the previous year.

No offense to some mayors, which is why comparing the tax rate from year to year doesn’t give a good idea of ​​what awaits taxpayers.

change in Tax calculation

This is the number we use in this table. It simply represents the average change in the municipal tax bill you will receive this year, compared to last year. In the vast majority of municipalities in Quebec, the average tax bill for 2023 is increasing.


Newspaper Compiled the average tax bill increase for homeowners.

The data comes from annual budgets, press releases and responses from municipalities verified by our team.

With rare exceptions, the variation may differ from what we present here. For example, some municipalities charge additional taxes for services such as garbage collection and aqueduct. Others charge different increases by sector.