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Monday, May 16, do not miss this flaming phenomenon

Monday, May 16, do not miss this flaming phenomenon

Notice to early risers…or night owls. On Monday, May 16, a glowing astronomical phenomenon will occur during the night: a total lunar eclipse. Then the Earth’s satellite is decorated with the most beautiful orange robe. And the good news, the event will be visible from mainland France.

A total eclipse will occur when the full moon is exactly opposite the sun from the earth. Thus, if placed in the shadow of our planet, the satellite would darken little by little, until it became a glowing star. It is simply illuminated by the sun’s rays that caress the Earth’s surface and penetrate the atmosphere.

Photo: shutterstock

If this alignment of the stars occurs twice a year, then this phenomenon has not been visible in the French sky since 2019. This time, the eclipse will be completely visible from the American continent, and partly in Africa and Europe. With us, it will happen shortly before sunset, just before dawn.

The good news is, this type of eclipse is quite noticeable with the naked eye. Not only is it dangerous to the retina unlike a solar eclipse, but in addition, the chromatic differences are severe enough to be impressive without equipment. However, if you have binoculars or a telescope feel free to use them, this type of event doesn’t happen every four mornings.

Astronomy lovers, don’t forget to set your alarm on Monday, May 16th.

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