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APK installation will become more complicated

Google is making a crucial change to accessibility services with Android 13 to protect devices from malware. The new version will make apps installed outside the Play Store less useful.

As noted by Mishaal Rahman of the blog, Android 13 imposes new restrictions on apps downloaded outside the Play Store that Prevent users from being granted access to accessibility services upon installation.

Since many phishing and malware attacks Working by tricking users into installing APK files Outside of the official app store, this can make it difficult for bad actors to take over the phone of an unsuspecting user. As a reminder, many Applications hijack the Accessibility API to allow call audio to be retrieved. Therefore, it is especially This is what Google wants to fight with these new restrictions.

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Sideloaded apps will still be able to access accessibility services notes that Google won’t completely block side apps from accessing accessibility services. Users can authorize access by going to the information screen of the application and press” Allow restricted settings in the upper right corner.

Only advanced users should be able to easily find this type of setting in their smartphone settings. It should therefore be impossible to grant access to accessibility services to an application downloaded outside the Play Store once it is installed It allows to enhance the security of Android smartphones for many users.

However, it must be remembered that the accessibility features were originally Built in devices to assist people with disabilities. So it’s possible that they won’t see Google’s changes in the next version of Android 13. We expect to find these changes in the stable version of Android 13, which will be available from the end of the year.

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For its part, Apple simply refuses to allow iPhone users to install apps outside the App Store, sinceSees sideloading as a risk. It is also for this reason That Apple explained in a document why iOS is more secure than Android.

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