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MLB: Guerrero and Hernandez have fun against the Cubs

MLB: Guerrero and Hernandez have fun against the Cubs

TORONTO – Teoscar Hernandez says his foot still hurts, especially when running, but that didn’t stop him from dropping it all on the field on Tuesday.

Hernandez had an amazing catch on the right field and then hit Homer from three runs in the sixth inning giving the Toronto Blues a 5-3 victory over the Chicago Cubs.

“I’ve struggled in the last few weeks with injuries and stuff,” admitted Hernandez, who did not play in Monday’s 5-4 win over the Cubs. “I don’t have a good time on the board or on defense.”

“I try to do my best and I did that today. It feels good.”

Homer has been Hernandez’s 100th goal this season. He became the eighth Blue Jays member to reach 100 in 2022. The Toronto Majors lead this class.

This is the first time in Queen City’s history that an eight player hit total of 100 hits before September.

“At this point, it looks good because it helps the team win,” Hernandez said. It’s the only thing that matters to me right now. »

Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. hit a solo slap and led in one round with the Blue Jays (70-58). Guerrero’s seventh goal was the 27th home owner of the season.

Starter Kevin Gausman (10-9) hit nine and allowed five hits, including two from Homer, in six innings of action.

David Phelps, Anthony Bass, Trevor Richards and Jordan Romano exited the game to preserve Gusman’s victory. Romano scored four goals and secured his 28th number this year.

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Christopher Morell sent the ball over the fence and led in another double for the Cubs (55-75). Wilson Contreras opened the scoring with Homer on the fourth.

Marcus Strowman was not involved in the decision although he limited the Blue Jays to three hits, one walk and one run. Brendon Little (0-1), Michael Rucker and Jeremiah Estrada came to relief from the Cubs.

Gausman was at one point in the second and third rounds, hitting five straight hits.

After Little Bo Bichette hit with a story and Matt Chapman hit single, Hernandez brought himself to the plate. He fired the ball over the right fence to give the Blue Jays a 4-2 lead.