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Arber Xhekaj shoots Zack Kassian in the first period

Arber Xhekaj shoots Zack Kassian in the first period

Since the start of the season, Arber Xhekaj has shown that he is not afraid of anyone in the NHL. The young defender of the team, found by Mark Bergevin a little more than a year ago, rose to the ranks of the organization with lightning speed and is physically strong.

And tonight, Xhekaj decided to go after a real heavyweight, throwing the gloves in front of the fearsome Zack Kassian. And in the end, the young defender had the upper hand by sending the wolves to Earth.

It is clear that he is not afraid of anyone.

And it was clear that the young man celebrated accordingly, who took the opportunity to excite the masses. despiteThree goals in the first half of the periodsuppose he didn’t have much work to do at this level.

Also note that Cassian retreated to the locker room after the fight, apparently wounding his finger. You’re getting strong, kid.

Xhekaj, who is called by Chris Weidman wireless Complicating his last name (by the way, a great nickname), he used his first fight to make a patch for one of the most feared players on the Bateman circuit. Talk to Samuel Montembolt and Jeff Petrie.

Remember, the youngster, who was not drafted, was clearly a surprise in CH last year, who went from pro experience to camp last year (he who worked at Costco) to a place in the Canadian Brigade early in the season. So far, it doesn’t look too bad.

In short, a file statement From a young Xhekaj tonight. It’s already a crowd favorite, but let’s say with shots like this, it just helps his cause.

Modernization : Qessian returned to the bench at the start of the second half. So fear more than harm.


This was the first battle of Xhekaj’s career, but it was the 39th battle of Kassian’s career. Between you and me, it was Xhekaj who looked more like a veteran of this battle, haha.