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MLB – Baseball: The Angels humiliate the Rockies 25-to-1 in front of their supporters

MLB – Baseball: The Angels humiliate the Rockies 25-to-1 in front of their supporters

The Los Angeles Angels hit three homers on three straight pitches to open the third inning…then followed that up with 10 more runs in a humiliating 25-1 victory over the Colorado Rockies.

With his team up 2-0, Mike Trott watched a ball go through to open the inning before going to the next pitch to send the show home. Brandon Drury then parlayed it on the next pitch before Matt Theis did the same to complete the feat of three homers on three pitches.

All three homers came at the expense of Chase Anderson. The last time a team hit three home runs on three consecutive pitches was on September 17, 2020 when the Yankees hit three long pitches in as many pitches against… Chase Anderson!

But the Angels were not satisfied with this offensive production of three points to start the third period. Los Angeles tied for a 15-0 win before halftime, finishing the half with 13 runs scored.

Unable to stem the bleeding, the Rockies then saw the Angels add eight runs in the next inning, including three on a homer by David Fletcher. Then the score was 23 to 0.

The record for most runs scored in a single inning in the modern era is 17 tackles by the Boston Red Sox against the Detroit Tigers in 1953. For most runs scored in a game by a team in the modern era, we have to go back to August 22 In 2007, the Texas Rangers defeated the Baltimore Orioles 30-3.

The Angels also came close to the Cleveland Indians’ record 33 home runs set in 1932. Los Angeles finished the game with 28 strikeouts on the clock.

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Brenton Doyle saved the honor with a solo homer in the eighth inning to save his team from finishing the game with zero on the scoreboard. Also, Shohei Ohtani is the only Angels player to have a drop in his strike rate after a game. The star player finished the game with one hit in seven at bats.