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“If it's not San Jose or Boston, why not Montreal?”

“If it's not San Jose or Boston, why not Montreal?”

For several years, the Oilers have been relying on a veritable two-headed monster with Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. Both forwards are among the NHL's elite, and it's hard to argue they're not doing their part to make the Oilers successful.

Both men add up points with alarming ease.

However, even if it appears McDavid is in Edmonton to stay, it seems less certain for Draisaitl. It seems that the departure of the German, whose contract expires in a year, is most likely.

In recent weeks, rumors have particularly sent him to Boston and San Jose.

gold, During the last episode of Even hockey (Radio Canada)Marc-Antoine Godin asked himself the question: If it's not Boston or San Jose… why not Montreal?

And actually, that's not completely crazy: Within a year, CH will be closer to its goal of being a serious team in the race to the playoffs and will have money to spend. Paying big for Draisaitl, who will turn 29, could be the big signing that confirms the club's playoff aspirations.

Kind of like when Jeff Gorton signed Artemi Panarin for big money in basically New York.

What's interesting is that Draisaitl, at 29 years old, will not be an aging player. Obviously, if he signs a seven-year contract (the maximum a player is allowed to sign with a new team), he risks getting slightly overpaid at the end of his contract, but for a guy who can score 100 points by snapping fingers, it's a risk he can take.

Furthermore, he is not a small player, standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 208 pounds. He could be a solution for those who find CH lacking in big men in attack.

The question is whether he is interested in the idea of ​​coming to Montreal. However, in a year, the idea of ​​playing with a young, up-and-coming core could be tempting for him, especially if the youngsters continue to progress next season (and Geoff Moulson is willing to break his piggy bank to meet his salary demands).

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So this will be something to watch…but if CH wants to hit a home run in a year and Draisaitl actually becomes a free agent, it would be a very logical signing.

a lot of

– He is experiencing a great series compared to last year.

-It's a situation that gets people talking.

– Beautiful story.

– He remembered that he had been in trouble with the law for several weeks.

– Well done to the people of Quebec.