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Renaud Lavoie refuses to confront Martin Lapointe

Renaud Lavoie refuses to confront Martin Lapointe

– haha!!!

– Renaud Lavoie doing his great job with Martin Lapointe….

– Yes Yes…

– Martin Lapointe, the one who destroyed CH with Marc Bergevin …

– is the guy who comes to explain why CH didn’t choose Matvey Michkov.

“The fans would certainly have preferred ‘exciting pick’, the guy who scores goals.”

“We didn’t underestimate his talent, he’s very talented, competitive, and works really well on the bottom ice. On the other side of the rink it’s a little worse, but you live with his mistakes. But also, there were a lot of unknowns, three years of waiting, so We turned to David.

“David, for us, he was a very important player, he ticks all the boxes a defender can bring to a hockey team, and he will strengthen our defense.”

“He’s been on our radar for a very long time. From the start, he’s been at the top of our list. Whenever we went to see him, he got up, so in the end, at Christmas, he was really where he was. No scouts contested the decision. All scouts were unanimous.”

Who better than Reno to flatter him in the direction of poetry…

– Lapointe was very proud of being chosen by 3 goalkeepers…

“There was a good group of goalkeepers. It’s growing longer. We’ve picked three goalkeepers, and they’ll take their time to develop. But you can never have enough good goalkeepers.

“It’s happened so many times, I’ve gotten text messages from other bands saying ‘It was my choice right after that!'” We don’t have a crystal ball, but we hope they develop and one day play in the National League.

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We would like to thank Martin Lemay from the bottom of our hearts.

– The only journalist who is not a FEFAN…

– You feel good…