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Minneapolis |  Journalists were attacked by police during the protest

Minneapolis | Journalists were attacked by police during the protest


France Media Agency

About 500 people gathered in front of the gates of Brooklyn Center police station ten kilometers from Minneapolis, the sixth evening in a row since Dante Wright’s death on Sunday, during a normal traffic control.

It is in this large metropolis in the north of the United States that the case of former white police officer Derek Chou, who was charged with the murder of George Floyd last year, is currently under way.

Shortly before the curfew order came into effect at 10pm, police ordered loudspeakers to disperse dozens of officers before engaging in anti-riot activities.

Photo by Chandan Khanna, France-Press Agency

Stayed there around the demonstrators, the police identified themselves clearly on a number of journalists using pepper telippaip.

Presses were also banned from staying in the trap set by the police to document arrests.

To leave the organization, journalists must be photographed by the Minnesota State Police with their identification documents.

Following a complaint from several journalists and a union representing them, a judge issued a restraining order against police earlier in the day in Brooklyn.

According to a public ruling, police are “barred from making arrests or threatening to arrest. […] Anyone they know or have reason to believe is a journalist ”.

The use of “chemical agents” such as physical force and stun grenades, sticks or pepper spray against journalists is also prohibited.

“Following media comments, the Minnesota State Police will no longer photograph journalists in the light of the latest (banning order),” Derek Suu Kyi responded in a statement to the Minnesota Operation Safety Net on Saturday.

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Minnesota State Police also say they have “issued” their warrants to orders issued Friday, and have “issued them to other law enforcement agencies” who attended demonstrations in the Brooklyn center.

U.S. Press Freedom Tracker’s Press Freedom Committee has been referring to the “arrest / detention of journalists covering at least 7 attacks and 3 demonstrations” in the Brooklyn Center since Sunday.