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The royal family paid a sober tribute to Prince Philip -

The royal family paid a sober tribute to Prince Philip –

Prince Philip’s funeral took place in private, but in front of cameras around the world, this Saturday in London. William and Harry, along with Queen Elizabeth, paid tribute to their grandfather.

The procession with the coffin of Prince Philip, who died at the age of 99 eight days ago, began from the courtyard of Windsor Castle in west London, where a religious ceremony was held in the direction of St. George Chapel, the husband of London II.

Covered with his personal banner and sword, he was taken aboard a hard green Land Rover pickup that helped transform the Duke of Edinburgh. The coffin was attended by Prince Charles, Princess Royal Anne and Princes William and Harry, while Philip, who had been Colonel for 42 years, led the procession of the Grenadier Guards Marching Band. The Queen made this journey in her royal Bentley.

Philip’s “unwavering allegiance” to the Queen, his “courage”, “strength” and “faith” were praised during the ceremony because the music was chosen by the prince. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, the spiritual leader of the Anglicans, blessed the end of the service before the national anthem sounded. The queen attended the ceremony alone and everyone was dressed in black, under a mask.

At the end of the ceremony, the coffin is lowered into the “Royal Vault”, a secret that will remain until the Queen arrives there when she dies.

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Forum Report:

Prince Philip’s coffin is lowered to the royal coffin / forum / 2 min. / Yesterday at 18:02

Only thirty people

With the circumstances surrounding the epidemic, the Duke of Edinburgh wanted to avoid a luxury with a luxury that he valued more than he had initially imagined. Under the rules of hygiene in force in the UK, only 30 people attended the funeral and wore masks.

The public was told not to do anything in front of government residences, but spectators gathered. In national mourning since the death of the Duke of Edinburgh on April 9, the United Kingdom observed a minute of local silence at 3pm (4pm in Switzerland) at the start of the religious festival.

Aired on television, the funeral reflects the military past proudly imposed by the long-lived Prince Consort on British history of naval battles during World War II. The Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Army were in Windsor to retrieve his coffin.

Englishman’s tribute to Prince Philip:

English courtesy of Prince Philip / Night 7:30 pm / 2pm. / Last night at 7:30 p.m.

Photo released before the ceremony

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II. [Countess of Wessex/Buckingham Palace - Keystone]Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II. [Countess of Wessex/Buckingham Palace – Keystone]

Flowers are placed in Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace, although some hold a pint in a bubble bearing his name, and the English also pay homage to the Queen’s husband. Several shops displayed photos of the prince on the front of the shop, with a call to observe a minute h.

Prince Philip has died after retiring at the age of 99, having been dedicated to the service of the monarchy since he married his “Lilliput” 73 years ago. In her words, Elizabeth II has lost her “strength” and “support” since she was crowned in 1952.

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Prior to the funeral, the palace released a personal photo of the Queen and Prince Philip smiling on the grass of Guinea’s National Park in Scotland in 2003.

Details of Etienne Dowell at 7:30 pm:

Etienne Dowell: "Queen Elizabeth II is very popular in England " [RTS]

Etienne Duval: “Queen Elizabeth II is very popular in the UK” / 7:30 pm / 2min. / Last night at 7:30 p.m.

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