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App Store: Australia asks Apple to give users more freedom

App Store: Australia asks Apple to give users more freedom

As time goes on, it becomes difficult to keep an economic model of the App Store, and Apple is attacking many countries around the world for providing more freedom in the distribution of applications and pre-installed services. After South Korea and the Netherlands, it is Australia’s turn to invite Apple to order.

An unstable situation is developing in Australia

A document released by Macromars Media shows Australia recently showing interest in the Apple ecosystem. In fact, TheAustralian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Declare to be Researched Functionality of the App Store and iOS in general.
After many scandals (including Epic Games opening Pandora’s box), Australia To check Automatically if abuse has occurred by a California company.

According to the results statement, Many things are wrong In Apple’s business practices. Starting with the distribution of applications, the ACCC asks Apple to deliver More freedom Users can download the app from the Internet or even from third-party stores.
The Australian Competition Monitoring Organization estimates that this will not be possible in 2022 To be obligated Users to download exclusively from the App Store.
This prevents low prices and restricts access to applications (because it is not possible to download an application without going through the App Store integration steps).

Another thing that Apple needs to improve Pre-installed services, ACCC wants users to easily modify the pre-installed default application. The priority is to give the customer control so that he chooses the application that best suits his needs.

App Store title is red

Australia has fallen on the wrong side and has begun to join such countries South Korea And this Netherlands Cupertino, which has recently established itself as “changing the business practices of the App Store”, wants to clarify things.
The group’s spokesman said in a statement:

Apple is surprised that competition and consumer protection are prioritizing alleged competition issues, for which there is no conclusive evidence of harm beyond the serious, obvious and current damage that users experience on a daily basis. Consumers do not want to see this as a result of legal reform – they want strong, weak protection against illegal behavior affecting the hundreds of thousands of Australians whose information is stolen each year. .

As usual, Apple is highlighting the issues Security And Privacy A distribution of alternative applications for the App Store may be created.
What we should note in this report is that the California company did not specify the ACCC attack against pre-established services. Apple does not seem to mind, and allows the company to change the default web browser, for example the Mail application and iOS and iPadOS.


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