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Microsoft says its consoles outperform PS5

Microsoft says its consoles outperform PS5

Phil Spencer and the Xbox Division teams can all smile. In fact, the latest quarterly results (January-March) published by Microsoft show that the video game is doing well alongside Redmond. Revenue increased 6% from 2021 to $3.74 billion. Analyst Daniel Ahmed (Nico Partners) It shows that this is simply the best quarter in Xbox brand history outside of the holiday season. Dominated by the long-running PS5, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are back on their feet. Even Satya Nadella, president of Microsoft, drives this point home: Over the past two quarters, they’ve sold better than PS5s in the US, Canada, UK and Western Europe. We would have liked to accompany his notes with sales figures, an exercise that Redmond had not adhered to for some time.

Xbox S

If both the PS5 and Xbox Series have to deal with the shortage of electronic components, Microsoft seems to be doing a much better job than its competition. why ? According to Nick “Shabshall Nick” Baker (Xbox Era), the US manufacturer had released the checkbook so that factories produce Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S chips as a priority, thus questioning Sony Interactive Entertainment. In addition, we must not forget that the manufacture of the Xbox Series S is less complicated than the manufacture of its older sister, and therefore requires fewer resources. In any case, the services are still popular on Xbox: Xbox Game Pass (which has about 25 million subscribers) accounts for more than 80% of turnover (+4% compared to 2021), while devices are limited to 20%. There is also Xbox Cloud Gaming which totals ten million users. In short, Microsoft can be quiet.

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