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Microsoft announces the best Windows ever... for gaming

Microsoft announces the best Windows ever… for gaming

During its conference dedicated to announcing the new iteration of the operating system, Panos Panay gave way to Sarah Bond, Vice President of Xbox. Remember that Windows serves as the standard platform for hundreds of millions of Windows gamers – there are approximately 1.3 billion users of Microsoft OS around the world, Sarah Bond rejected the three pillars of this new approach to gaming, which will be based on DirectX12.

The former is due to better graphics, in particular thanks to technology that was introduced with the last generation of Xbox, andAuto HDR. A feature that improves lighting and color rendering, without developers having to restart their games. A small demonstration was held with Skyrim, a rather old game, which takes advantage of this visual improvement.

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The second pillar is increasing speed. How ? Once again by adopting a technology introduced with the last generation of Xbox: direct storage. Thanks to the API, it will be possible to load graphics elements into the GPU more quickly, without overloading the CPU, in order to reduce load times, for example. So getting to your favorite game should be faster, when you only have a few minutes to enjoy it.

Finally, the third and final pillar, Windows for the games Without games there would be nothing. That’s why Xbox Game Pass is integrated directly into Windows using the Xbox app. As a reminder, this service gives, via subscription, access to a hundred PC and Xbox games, published by Microsoft, Bethesda (owned by the giant Redmond), but also EA and other developers of various sizes.

The Xbox app will also allow you to purchase a game directly from its interface.

And of course, in order to be able to enjoy games in high quality, even on less powerful PCs, it is clear that Windows 11 will allow access to Xcloud View, which runs games remotely on Microsoft servers and Stream Then the video to your computer.

Sarah Bond clearly had a good time highlighting the exceptional status of Windows, which is at the heart of an incredibly wide range of gaming accessories, Bluetooth or wired audio, that are adaptive for people with disabilities.

To this wave of news, we can finally add, Microsoft announced the arrival of Android apps on Windows via the Amazon Store. So it will be possible to run some Android games on your PC under Windows 11. Good news for casual gamers and lovers of mini games which are perfect for killing time.

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