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Altice Media lance sa plateforme AVOD RMC BFM Play - Image

Altice Media lance sa plateforme AVOD RMC BFM Play – Image

Altice Media announced in an online press conference Thursday its new AVOD platform for live TV, replay and exclusive content. This platform called “RMC BFM Play” aims to enhance the accessibility of RMC BFM channel programming. New platform for RMC Découverte, RMC Story, BFMTV, BFM Business, 01TV and local channels BFM Paris, BFM Lyon, BFM Grand Lille, BFM Grand Littoral and BFM DICI, the RMC BFM Play mobile app and making content available on all screens . Group channel programs, live or replayed, can be accessed through a single application.

The platform will offer content that will not be broadcast on linear channels. For example, upon release exclusively: “The Clinton Affair”, a 7-part series on the Monica Lewinsky case, or the “Duck Dynasty” series. RMC BFM Play wants to offer a new TV experience, “with fast, intuitive, editorial and multi-screen access”. The platform helps the user to quickly select their programs with a convenient interface, flexible search tool, thematic mosaic and ephemeral digital channel proposals. Therefore, RMC BFM Play presents “Crazy Cars” for its launch, including all episodes of the new season of TOP GEAR UK currently airing on RMC Découverte. RMC BFM Play recommends content that a user may like based on their viewing habits. With My List, they can also watch their favorite shows in one click and create a custom channel on demand.

Features of RMC BFM Play at launch: Live TV with replay Return to the beginning of the program and re-enactment of major live events; Replay is available immediately after broadcast or as a preview, all content on demand between 7-30 days (each program benefits from full editorial enrichment with trailers, video bonuses, images, and character files); TV guide with upcoming programs from RMC BFM channels and highlighting new features; Hundreds of hours of exclusive programming, full seasons, bonuses, podcasts, and exclusive productions bundled into topics that follow areas of interest; A selection of trailers featuring RMC BFM Play video presentation; and resume reading.

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Organized into major themes (news and society, sports and mechanics, crime and investigation, science and technology, adventure and animals, food and entertainment, history and civilizations), the platform claims to offer free replays of more than 2,500 hours of its channel programming, with new products every day. And her best perks: Bring The Accused, Top Gear, Bourdin Direct, Invisible Face, I’m Going to Sleep at Home, BFMTV’s great reporting like “Daval, the Serial,” key interviews with Jean-Jacques Bourdain or meetings with Apolline de Malherbe, BFM Business and environmental analysis , everyone from high-tech with 01TV, news from regions gathered in one place; Entertainment MyCuisine (eg Luana’s Kitchen, Masterchef USA).

With regard to the AVOD component, RMC BFM Play relies on an exclusive partnership with the distributor and publisher of thematic channels Alchimie. The agreement between RMC BFM Play and Alchimie covers a catalog of 60,000 hours of content and in particular the distribution of a selection of exclusive documentaries. This partnership is concluded on the AVOD model, with advertising revenue sharing that will be generated by offering programs provided by Alchimie, which will be marketed by the Altice Ads Media & Connect network. “With RMC BFM Play, we are launching a new, more complete platform, which integrates not only the editorial quality and diversity of our content, but also the best technological offerings of a seamless and intuitive application, to respond a little more every day,” said Arthur Dreyfus, CEO of Altice Média. new audiences and thus cementing our position as a leading digital broadcasting group.”