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Metro Festival is taking a break

Metro Festival is taking a break

Less than two weeks after its sale to Evenco, the urban music festival Metro Metro announced that it would take a break this year, under the pretext of reviewing its organization and security.

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The festival said on its website: “The festival has experienced security issues, especially during the 2023 edition, and we would like to take the time to review all aspects of the festival in order to ensure security and improve the festival-goers’ experience.” Facebook page Friday evening.

First held in May 2019 at the Olympic Park Square, the festival created by businessman Olivier Primo has attracted major international stars to the city, including Cardi B, Snoop Dogg and Drake.

The 2022 edition has attracted particular attention due to videos posted online showing, in particular, people climbing the Olympic Stadium or breaking barriers to enter the site without paying. The gestures caught the attention of elected officials, with Montreal's mayor even going so far as to ask organizers to “accept their responsibilities” to improve security.

Then, last year, a few weeks before the festival, Olivier Primo's apartment was targeted by gunfire, while the Slice Gang pizzeria he co-founded in Saint-Thérèse was set on fire with the help of a Molotov cocktail. The media launch of the festival site was also cancelled.

Despite its cancellation, the festival will maintain its presence in the city with shows that will be presented indoors throughout the year.

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The Metro Metro Festival, along with the Fuego Fuego Festival, was sold to Evenco two weeks ago. The company now holds seven major music events in Montreal.

Fuego Fuego will also be held on May 25 and 26.