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“It’s the same”: a woman at the airport refuses to step in line

“It’s the same”: a woman at the airport refuses to step in line

A woman has sparked controversy online after a photo showed her refusing to stand in line at an airport check-in.

The photo, which was reportedly taken at an Argentine airport, was released redditreports the Daily Mail.

“This girl is at the airport waiting for the entire queue to move on,” the post author wrote.

The image shows a huge gap between the end of the line and the unidentified woman, who refused to move to fill the void.

The person who took the photo was clearly baffled by the woman’s inaction, but she didn’t flinch and stayed focused on her phone.

The photographer may have interrogated the traveler at some point, for he reports that she answered: “It is the same if you move now or later.”

The traveler’s attitude has divided opinion.

“I definitely want the illusion of progression in the queue!!” one user wrote.

Another netizen, who was soon revived by another, wrote: “The most annoying thing is that I don’t agree with his actions at all, I will be angry too, but I can’t really explain why.” Somewhat infuriating! “

“Get past her, and if she complains, tell her the expectation is still the same,” says one more combative person.

Another netizen asked: “Doesn’t this prevent people at the back of the line from entering the queue?”

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