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World Tour: Justin Trudeau takes on Taylor Swift

World Tour: Justin Trudeau takes on Taylor Swift

The pressure is mounting on Taylor Swift’s shoulders who are suffering backlash over the lack of dates for her tour. ages in the country. For the evening, Taylor Swift was challenged directly by Justin Trudeau, so she’s planning a stop in Canada.

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“It’s me, hello. I know cities in Canada that would love to welcome you [pour] That you don’t have a terrible summer. We hope to see you soon,” Rifaat tweeted the prime minister.

The reference to “Horrible Summer” is in reference to his musical hit “Cruel Summer,” which tops the charts of the most streamed country songs.

Remember, America has announced dates in 2024 for many major cities from one end of the globe to the other, with the exception of Canada.

Justin Trudeau’s appeal comes two weeks after an Alberta MP filed a “formal parliamentary complaint” in the hope she would change her mind.

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