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“MasterChef Québec”: It’s hot and stressful in the kitchen!

“MasterChef Québec”: It’s hot and stressful in the kitchen!

Ovens are barbeque The participants are lively. the kitchen Master Chef Quebec Officially open and ready to host one of the most exciting cooking competitions in the world.

The program airs daily for half an hour, and the first episodes of the season will be reserved for auditions and selection of the 16 candidates who will receive the famous white apron, and the viewer should not be left wanting for more. On the contrary, all the necessary elements were used to attract the audience’s attention.

Photo by Toma Eczkovits / QMI Agency

Grouped according to their specialty, the hopefuls will first have to prove to judges Martin Picard and Stefano Faetta that they really have what it takes to be the next MasterChef and show off their talent, technique and creativity, if they want to stay in the running. When put together as a duo, trio or quartet, the choices can sometimes be heartbreaking.

Once you complete this step, the rest will be done quickly. From the first challenge of the race, the candidates will not be entitled to the vault, while the contents of the mysterious box will be destabilizing. But the real difficulty for amateur chefs will still be to not indulge in comfort, to prioritize risk-taking, and to dare to use unlikely combinations, such as peanut butter and chocolate sauce to accompany pork, or ravioli and spinach with corn salsa, or even lemongrass. rice.

Photo by Toma Eczkovits / QMI Agency

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For Stefano Faita, the choice to embark on this adventure was easy, although he admits that he is not the biggest fan of cooking shows or cooking competitions. “Chef It has a great reputation and is probably, if not the, most listened to cooking show in the world. When I found out that Martin Pickard was going to be my partner, that was like a tick box in my mind Goals that a person desires or hopes to achieve in his life“, said the chef-owner in an interview with QMI, stressing that they have been good friends for more than 30 years.

“I would feel bad judging a show like that Bosses! Someone who wants to become a chef. The Impasto restaurant owner, who did not learn to cook in a specialized school, added, “But when I judge amateur chefs who cook at home unprofessionally, I feel more at home.”

Photo by Toma Eczkovits / QMI Agency

The first creative challenge will introduce guest chef José Di Stasio to the kitchen, whose mere presence may upset some participants. They are all passionate about cooking and gastronomy. They are particularly present in the professions of dentist, firefighter, roofer, farmer, engineer or teacher, selected from more than 4,000 applications.

This season, they will also have to cook for Sébastien Benoit, Lindsay Brun, Marc Hervieu, Martin Junod, Arnaud Marchand, Louis-François Marcotte, Ricardo, Sior Angel and other guests who will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Photo by Toma Eczkovits / QMI Agency

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“The further the competition progresses, the higher the level of the dishes. “The judging becomes more difficult, among other things because we create bonds with the candidates, and the candidates create bonds with each other, so in the end, when one of them is eliminated, everyone screams,” admitted Stefano Faita, who He wouldn’t hesitate to return for the second season.

The winner will receive the grand prize of $50,000.

Pixcom’s producers Charles Lafortune and Marie-Eve Gariepy flank Chefs Stefano Faetta and Martin Picard, who are judges on “MasterChef Québec,” a new feature that will air from January 2024 on TVA and TVA+. The photo was taken during a studio visit on December 5.

Photo by Toma Eczkovits / QMI Agency

Master Chef Quebec It is one of the most popular franchises in the world. The show has been produced in over 50 countries, broadcast in over 200 territories and watched by over 250 million viewers.

Produced by Charles LaFortune’s Pixcom in association with Quebcor Content. Master Chef Quebec It will air weekdays on TVA and simulcast on TVA+ starting January 8 at 7:30 p.m.

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