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25 Quebec stars who had a tough time in 2023

25 Quebec stars who had a tough time in 2023

2023 has been a difficult year for many Quebec stars who have seen some misfortunes befall them in recent months.

Here are 25 Quebec stars who have fallen on hard times in 2023:

1) Melanie Maynard

Photo: Julien Fougere/TVA Publications

On March 6, Melanie Maynard publicly denounced the man who sent her a photo of her genitals, accompanied by obscenities. Through the screenshots, she wanted to raise awareness among the population about this virtual gesture, which she describes as extremely violent. Melanie also filed a police complaint against this person. By posting such obscene content to denounce the man’s actions, the host was temporarily banned from Facebook and Instagram. Fortunately, she recovered her accounts after a few days, and received great support from the public.

2) Christian Begin

Photo: Julien Fougere/TVA Publications

In April, Christian Begin had to cancel his show performances 8 deadly sinsBecause he underwent emergency surgery to remove a benign but worrying tumor from his brain. Since the delicate surgical procedure requires a long recovery period, the host left his seat as host There are people on the block To his friend Andre Robitaille, who took charge brilliantly. In June, Christian was happily back at work, resuming filming There are people on the block And based on Strange beginning. On the other hand, he made the difficult decision to cancel his show tour.

3) Liz Dionne

Photo: Bruno Petrozza / © pho

On November 3, before entering the stage at Le Zénith performance hall in Saint-Eustache, Lise Dion suffered a heart attack. She was immediately transferred to the hospital, where a myocardial infarction was diagnosed. Recall that the comedian was about to end the last solo show tour of her career titled Chu got there.

4) Paul Arcand

On the morning of November 10, Paul Arcand revealed that he was suffering from a severe infection. He refused to reveal more about the nature and seriousness of the injury, and explained that he would have to follow treatments that would keep him away from the microphone Since you have to wake up Over the next few weeks. Speedy recovery.

5) Sophie Thibault

Photo: Julien Fougere/TVA Publications

In April, a post by Sophie Thibault on social networks caused a real shockwave in the artistic community. The presenter announced that she would undergo surgery to remove basal cell carcinoma, known as skin cancer, from her forehead and nose. “Don’t underestimate the harmful effects of the sun. Cream, hat, long sleeves… take it seriously!” advised the newsreader, who took a break before returning to the news program at its best.

To see the full list, watch the video below:

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