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Marie Philip Boleyn: A player first

Marie Philip Boleyn: A player first

Although she is embarking on a new phase in her hockey career, Mary Philip Pauline’s priority remains her career as a hockey player.

The women’s national team captain repeated that several times on Tuesday, during her opening press conference as a player development advisor with the Montreal Canadiens. She also plans to be part of the Canadian team at the 2026 Winter Olympics.

Hence, she will be working part time in the Hab.

“I’m sure the schedule will be busy,” she said. I will have to put my priorities in the right place. Being a hockey player is my priority now. I will have to learn how to run two leagues, to know when it is time to train and when it is time to take my job with the Canadian.

“I have to find my routine. I will discuss it with the people around me to build a simple schedule, but it will definitely be busy.”

Still waiting for the league

Next fall, Pauline will juggle his CH job with training. This could become more complicated once the much-anticipated league by the Professional Hockey Players Association (PWHPA) comes out.

Last week, the organization announced that it had signed a letter of intent to explore creating a new department in collaboration with Billie Jean King and Mark Walter, president of investment firm Guggenheim Partners. The plan would be to set up a six-team league that plays 32 matches from January to April.

“We have the right people in place, but it’s a long process,” Bolin said of a future league that will bring together the best players on the planet.

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“If we want it to be viable in the long term, we have to do it right. There are a lot of reliable people working hard behind closed doors at the moment.”

Molson and CH . will intervene

When asked what help the Canadian could provide to the future circuit for PWHPA athletes, owner Jeff Molson confirmed that his organization would be involved. However, he couldn’t explain how you would do it.

“We are still very close to the process that Marie-Philippe is a part of. She and the team managing the development of the new league know that we are behind them. We will be in support and we would like the team to settle in Montreal.

Molson added, “It could be an investment, a sponsorship, or an operational level. We can also use all the resources we have in our county to help them. We’ll see, but we’re still very close.”