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Joe Juno's record: Adam Oates' foul

Joe Juno’s record: Adam Oates’ foul

We won’t hide it, there are parts of the season that are boring, he adds. presence. Some might say rowing.

Between his long days as a coach and visits to Aboriginal communities, the former Pont Rouge hockey player is short on time.

With the playoffs looming, he admits, interest is growing. Example: Canadians follow up last summer, was the Hazar.

That was much better, but if we call him, it’s no big deal to gauge the suitability of the March 30 classic Coyotes-Sharks, simply because his name has been mentioned so many times in recent years. Days in the various reports on leopards and even Canadians too.

On Tuesday evening, against CH specifically, Jonathan Huberdeau, 26 years younger than him (and obviously his concerns), equaled the record for assists in a single season by an NHL left winger held since 1993 by Juno himself.

Jonathan Huberdeau has 71 assists this season

Photo: Getty Images / Sean M. Haffey

Huberdeau wasted no time as he scored his 71st assist on Thursday in the Panthers’ 4-0 win over the Chicago Blackhawks. He is now the only record holder.

Juno’s name raised more than one eyebrow. Firstly because he has played at the center almost his entire life to the point that RDS didn’t even include him in their schedule in the respective record during the last game’s broadcast. Then, due to the good left wing, there has been little since then. And even before that.

I was wondering after all these years how this record still standsloose Juno.

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After completing his teaching sessions (on ice) in Saint-Marc-des-Carrières, the small town on the north shore in the Capitale-Nationale region where Chantal Petitclerc was born, Juneau corrected the facts.

Sure enough, he’s played the quarterback all his life, with the exception of twice. Three in fact. In his senior year at Midget AAA, and in Boston and Washington, when Adam Oates asked him to play with him on the same line.

It all started when Juno landed with an Olympic silver aura in Boston after the 1992 Albertville Games. 24-year-old Joey, the Olympic tournament’s top scorer, fell into Oates’ eye.

At one point, Adam Oates wanted a playmaker with him. He spoke to Rick Bowness about it, who agreed. Oates came to see me and told me he had spoken to Fitness Trainer For trying to leave me. He wanted to see if you were interested. Sure enough, for a young player, you offer him to play with a man of the caliber of Adam Oates, who is already known as one of the best playmakers in the league… It started like thatthe previous figure shows 90 from the Hab.

It has started well. Nineteen points in 14 games to conclude the 1991-92 season. The fruitful association would continue the following year, although Bowness left Boston for Ottawa.

In 1992-1993, Kam Nellie was injured and replaced by Dmitriy Kvartalnov on the right wing with Ots and Juno. Kvartalnov played only 112 matches in the National Hockey League, but 73 in that year scored 30 goals.

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If Cam was around, it would probably be even better… without excluding anything from the players I played withJuno argues.

However, in the company of the Russian Kvartalnov, Oates and Juno had a season of their lives, the first scoring 142 points, of which 45 were goals, and the second 102 points.

it’s the Hazar when you see this. You must have done so good that Adam Oates’ best season wasn’t with Brett Hall, but Joe Juno. »

Quote from Joe Juno

Juno collected 66 assists the following season, being traded to the Washington Capitals, and missed 10 games with a triple jaw fracture. Never breathe again at this height.

Huberdeau, for his part, has been principal partner of Anthony Dockler and Sam Bennett this season. Good players, but there’s no Auston Matthews in the draw either.

Juno says to himself today, though amazed that this anonymous record has continued for nearly three decades very happy for Huberdeau.

I know how hard it is to be successful in the best league in the world. As long as I am the new record holder, I hope it will last longer than megood player says.

If the record is broken again soon, just text him to let him know.

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