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Mariana Maza sparkled five glamorous looks on stage

Mariana Maza sparkled five glamorous looks on stage

Mariana Mazza love Because fashion is no longer hidden from anyoneAnd she has proven it again!

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On Thursday evening, the comedian was near Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, as part of the Hot Air Balloon Festival. It made a very special evening there, combining humor, music and names like Cathy Gauthier, Stéphane Vallow, Roxanne Bruno And the Saraimiamong other things.

Wanting to do just that, the 32-year-old comedian appeared on stage with not one, but five looks, each more colorful and brighter than the next.

On her Instagram account, the one we can do right now See the cinema in the movie vanishing lines She shared the fruits of her labor with her designer, Vanessa GeroMake-up artist and hairdresser, Etienne Bergeron. Click the arrow on the right to move between the photos.

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“The dream we built seems to each song. Thank you Tweet embed For hair and makeup. Sorry about the farts. Tweet embed You are behind every group. You are a magician. Accepting and putting up with my curves and tastes, makes you a silly queen,” Mariana wrote as a comment.

In the comments unanimous feedback!

Which of her looks is your favourite?

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