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Mariana Maza and Alexander Barrett were the talk of Valentine's Day

Mariana Maza and Alexander Barrett were the talk of Valentine's Day

The former couple was profiled by comedians Mariana Maza And Alexander Barrett They exchanged sweet words over Valentine's Day and it looks like they spent the holiday… together!

That was all it took to start the rumor machine and get people talking in the huts.

Alexander participated for the first time A story It appears that he was with his ex-girlfriend during the day dedicated to love.

“The only girl who carries excitement around her shoulders. 'This girl fascinates me!'” he said alongside a photo of Mariana, once again declaring his infatuation with Mariana Maza without any restrictions.

He continued: “This is the ex-girlfriend that I will always admire!” She is a great example for many post-breakup couples.

Mariana was not left out and also shared a photo (same one), accompanied by a small message in tribute to her ex.

She said: “I prefer my life (…).”

Recall that a few months ago, Alexander confirmed on air what many already knew, that he had been in a relationship with Mariana Maza in the past.

The former duo, who have been together for six years, also share custody of their little dogs!

Looks like the duo had a lot of love to show for this very special date…

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