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Luzenai.  Municipality “will combat cigarette butts in public places”

Luzenai. Municipality “will combat cigarette butts in public places”

The Municipality of Luzenay wants to speed up its awareness and communication actions to improve the collection of cigarette butts and facilitate the hygiene gesture. Interview with Christophe Charles, mayor, who, together with several elected officials, after a visit to the heart of the village, found many cigarette butts in the streets and public places.

What is the aim of this approach?

“The goal is to combat the presence of illegally abandoned cigarette butts in public places in order to conserve water and soil resources and protect animals and plants. Because cigarette butts contain toxic chemicals, such as nicotine and heavy metals. One cigarette butt can pollute hundreds of liters of water.”

How are you going to do that?

“A contract must be signed with the Alcome environmental organization, after deliberations to be taken by the municipal council on September 20th. The purpose of this contract is to reduce the presence of cigarette butts in public places of the municipality. Alcome is an environmental organization approved by public authorities in the sector of extended producer responsibility for tobacco products , resulting from the Anti-Waste Law for the Circular Economy.Action against cigarette butts is a measure that can lead to an aid of €0.50 per inhabitant and per year, or €1,111 luzenai, according to the 2019 census.Two municipal ordinances will be issued: the prohibition of littering and the obligation By keeping the public places given to companies clean. »

What will be the procedures?

The first noticeable action will be the installation of several ashtrays or fire extinguishers. For this, it will be necessary to make an inventory of the ‘hotspots’ (hotspots) of abandoned cigarette butts on public highways throughout the municipality. For example, ashtrays can be installed in the school areas, nurseries, playgrounds, the town hall square, behind the media library, near the association house. Then, awareness, communication and development actions will be shown according to the elements that will emerge from the field comments. Recycling cigarette butts would be possible, but the first problem would be to stop cigarette butts from polluting our nature. A review/evaluation will be done every year. The joint goal of the luzinayzarde town hall and Alcome is to reduce the presence of inappropriately discarded cigarette butts in public places by 40% by 2027.

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