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‘Players need space’

‘Players need space’

The new coach spoke about his playing style in an interview with FIFA’s website

Fernando Diniz recently revealed that he has been selected for the next two matches of the national team’s qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup. However, beyond the youth of this team, there is a bold style of play that the new coach intends to instill that has attracted attention. The coach looked into the matter during an interview with FIFA.

It’s not just about age, but it was one of the things we took into consideration. The average selection age decreased by three years. Of course, it is unlikely that this list will be the same by the World Cup, but at the moment the average has decreased by three years. There are players who need space and they will get that chanceexplained Diniz, who takes on the role of the CBF while coaching Fluminense.

In recent years, modern, attacking, passing-focused football has created a sensation in the teams managed by Diniz. Judging by his selection to captain the pentacampeã team in the World Cup, it seems the desire of all involved is to replicate this style of play within the team.

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Youth and tactical renewal

We seek to form a competitive team with the characteristics that I consider essential to Brazilian football: creativity, competitiveness, the way football is played with solidarity… All these elements will be constantly present in this work.said the technician.

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This will begin with the two qualifiers against Bolivia on September 8 and Peru on September 12. Tight schedules present a challenge for Deniz, but he prides himself on his close relationship with the players and his ability to “Make deep connections quickly“.

I will do what I always do when I join a new club: try to present one idea at a time, without wanting to put everything in place at once. Gradually, the team will understand what I want and what I know about football. The players are used to playing in their clubs in a positional way, which is a little different from what I like them to do, but I think they will gradually adapt.Denise replied.