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Luhans.  The connected digital space opens its doors on Wednesday at City Hall

Luhans. The connected digital space opens its doors on Wednesday at City Hall

Seven months after the start of work, the connected digital space located on the site of the old courthouse will open on Wednesday 8 November in the Lohans City Hall. A highly connected space where it will also be possible to purchase SNCF tickets.

David Peponio
Today at 7:30 pm

After seven months of work, Wednesday 8 November marks the opening of the new connected digital space for the city of Lohans. It is located in the old courtroom, with an area of ​​approximately 100 square meters2 The main goal is to reduce the digital divide in the region. Access will be possible via the main entrance, which will also be closed when work begins in April. Furthermore, an entrance hall has been built to filter arrivals: “This will allow people entering the city hall to be properly oriented. Whether for the digital space or for another service,” begins the city’s mayor, Frédéric Boucher.

Two full-time digital consultants

To achieve this, the city of Lohans has appointed two digital consultants (their positions are fully funded by the state for two years). Christophe Bourgeois and Antoine Armani will be present from Monday to Saturday to help residents free of charge with their administrative procedures such as applying for a passport, for example, or learning about new technologies.

“The goal is to learn how to do digital administrative actions, and not to do them for them. In two years, we can say that almost 1,000 actions have been supported by our agents. I think it is Thanks to this hall, we will be much higher than that.”

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The room has been completely renovated. The two digital consulting desks will be located at the back of the room. Photography by David Peponio

Above all, a place of exchange

A space where services want to be intergenerational and where two distinct centers will coexist: two islands equipped with tablets, computers and offices of digital advisors at one end of the room in order to guarantee the greatest confidentiality. “We really wanted to do something modern that residents would be happy to come to. There will also be free WiFi for everyone, which means anyone experiencing a network outage can come, if they wish, to work from this space,” Gregory adds. Pinheiro: “We are not in third place, but these things will still be possible.” If a young man who comes to take a driving test tomorrow gives advice, and chats with an older person browsing social networks, we will have won everything. »

Hours: Monday, Friday and Friday from 8:30 to 12 hours and from 13:30 to 17:30, until March 8:30 to 12 hours, the day will continue from 8 to 16 hours and the same day from 9 to 12:00. Make an appointment possible Via the website From the municipality building or by phone at 03 85 76 75 10


The cost of working in Euros for the digital space and meeting room.

To buy your train ticket, this is always the place to do so

In service since October 2022, the purchase of train tickets at Lohans City Hall is well maintained. “It works very well: in one year, we sold train tickets worth about 8,000 euros,” says Gregory Pinheiro, director of the Information Service Center at the Lohans City Council.

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SNCF agent present on Friday

Therefore, you will be able to continue purchasing your transport tickets… but only by bank card, as the handling of cash is regulated within the community authorities. For exchanges and refunds, you will need to come on Friday, which is the day the authorized SNCF agent is available to carry out these procedures. During the rest of the week, you will have to go to the only Mobigo call center that remains active on 03 80 11 29 29 from Monday to Saturday from 7am to 8pm.