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Louison Danis: The difficult retirement of Maman Boujon

Louison Danis: The difficult retirement of Maman Boujon

Louison Danis, 72, lives a quiet life at her home in Chez-nous des Artistes, in Montreal, away from the spotlight. In an interview conducted with Stephane Leclerc for Big interviewsWho played more than 200 roles, talks about her unconditional love for theatre, her absolute joy in playing Rita Boujon, and the last difficult years of her life, when she lived in poverty.

Louison Danis made her stage debut at the age of 13 in Ottawa, where she grew up in the predominantly French-speaking neighbourhood, Côte-des-Sables. On stage, the actress has played more than 200 characters and given thousands of performances in French and English.

She also directed and directed theaters in Ottawa, Gatineau and Montreal, in addition to writing about thirty plays and stories as an author.

Theater for me is a locomotive, something that changes people's lives. I feel it in the room […]. It's as if I feel the light coming out of their bodies.

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Rita Boujon, the role of a lifetime

On television, we can see Lewison Danes in series like Marilyn, Virginia And The PromiseBut that's thanks to his role in it the You bugger, this is life too! It left an indelible mark in the minds of viewers.