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At the hospital, Doc Mailloux had to give up his microphone

At the hospital, Doc Mailloux had to give up his microphone

Doc Mailloux, who was hospitalized with an “incurable infection,” had to put down his microphone for the podcast “Doc Mailloux and Josey – Free and No Taboos,” the show's team announced Monday.

“The medical condition of our beloved national troublemaker, Doc Mello, has unfortunately deteriorated rapidly in recent days, and we cannot assure you that he will one day be able to come back and bother us on air,” the psychiatrist’s collaborators revealed on Twitter. social networks.

The show's co-host, Josie Arsenault, explained on December 29 that her partner was “recovering from a difficult infection.”

“He's not improving. He's still in the hospital. I must sadly announce to you that Doc will not be returning to our show,” Josie Arsenault announced in a snippet of the show that streamed on Patreon on Monday.

She added: “The doctor always said that: It would continue as long as health was there, and health is not there, so here and now it stops.”

Trained and controversial psychiatrist Pierre Maillot will celebrate his 75th birthday on January 14.


The podcast returned to the web last week without Doc Mailloux in attendance.

Josie Arsenault noted that she understands if listeners would like to unsubscribe from the podcast. She added: “I intend, as much as possible, to present to you the topics that we loved, with the doctor, so that they continue for a little while, I think.”

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“We have to look at it as a positive. […] Mathieu Levesque added: “We are at a stage where we have the possibility to renew ourselves and move towards something else, and if people have ideas or suggestions, this is the right time because we will ' brainstorm ' in the coming days.” One team member generally works behind the scenes, but was co-hosting on Monday.