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Logi Dock: A small container filled with sockets for remote workers

Logi Dock: A small container filled with sockets for remote workers

Announced last September but released a few months later, the Logi Dock is a viable solution for Mac remote workers who frequently attend online meetings and need to reduce desktop clutter..

This set of connectors with a microphone and speakers has been available for some time tested by the edge. The result is an overall positive evaluation, but with some grievances all the same.

The LEDs turn purple when a scheduled meeting is about to start and red when the microphone or webcam is muted. source : the edge

Remember first that the Logi Dock is a large brick of about 1 kg (with a large power supply as well) including several speakers and six microphones capable of reducing ambient noise. The jacks section includes two USB-A (3.1), three USB-C (3.1), and a USB-C port to power a laptop at up to 100W (that’s enough for any MacBooks). Other USB ports are weaker: for powering an iPhone for example, since they go up to 4.5 or 7.5W.

The Dock can power two 4K displays (3840 x 2160) at 60Hz. Required, USB to Displaylink adapter. Logitech Precision in the FAQ Different scenarios depending on whether you have an Intel or M1 Mac.

Large buttons for access control and audio and video meeting. source : the edge

The top of the Dock displays several large buttons that act as shortcuts to joining a meeting and then controlling volume as well as managing audio recording and opening the webcam. Their behavior is supported by LED lights under the Dock’s chin. Thus, we know, visually, if a meeting is about to start or if its microphone remains off. installation tool, LogitoneCompatible with macOS Ensures LED display and proximity meeting sync with Office 365 and Google Calendar calendars.

LogiTune. Source: Logitech

Surface controls interact directly with Teams, Zoom, and Google Voice/Meet. A variant of this dock with the Teams logo on its button to join a meeting is also sold, which is purely an aesthetic difference and only with the other standard Logi Dock.

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On the audio side, there is no jack port, but Bluetooth connectivity for headphones. You can also send an audio source from any Bluetooth device, such as an iPhone, to the Logi Dock’s speakers.

The sound produced by the device is described as very satisfactory, as is the active noise reduction by the six small microphones. While it does not completely block out ambient background noise, it is said to be very effective at erasing keyboard typing noise (mechanical models in particular are good present In a meeting …) or mouse clicks.

The set seems to be of good quality, but compromises have to be made. What we gain from the audio components and with the integration of meeting services, we lose due to the lack of the Ethernet and Thunderbolt ports shared with the other Docks. It all depends on your needs on this site. Logitech sells the Logi Dock For 499 euroswe can Find more Close 420 euros, but from a third party seller.