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Announcing the amazing Bomberman for Apple Arcade

Amazing Bomberman blends original gameplay with an interesting musical twist. An innovative way to update the classic formula.

(Image credit: Konami)

Konami unveils a new Bomberman, a competitive blast-em-up game series that saw its best days in the ’90s with the release of the Saturn Bomberman and Super Bomberman 64. The new release, Amazing Bomberman, captures the classic overhead view used in gameplay in the best Bomberman games. However, this time around, the studio is adding a musical touch to it, so get creative with this old series.

As we can see thanks to the new trailer released by Konami, Amazing Bomberman looks a little more intense than its predecessors. Levels change and become more complex with the beat of the music while awesome videos are presented in the background. The music is very JPop while the visual and sound effects are reminiscent of other retro retro games like Space Invaders Extreme, Pac-Man Championship Edition or Tetris Effect. Some visuals have been updated, but the power-ups will maintain their classic look.

Konami also mentions that the new game, The Amazing Bomberman, will have seven levels upon release. Each level will have its own original song composed for the game by artists from Japan and all over the world. All this to create a funny combination of Bomberman with a rhythm game, but it must be a lot of fun to play. The Amazing Bomberman will be available on Apple Arcade upon release.

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