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Lewiston shooting: She died trying to call 911

Lewiston shooting: She died trying to call 911

A mother was killed in a shooting at Just-In-Time Recreation bowling alley in Lewiston as she tried to call 911 to alert authorities.

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Tricia Aslin, 53, a bowling alley employee, was taking advantage of a night off to go bowling with her sister, Bobbie Lynn Nichols, when the killings began.

It was really painful. […] We heard a big explosion. […] I wasn’t sure what it was until I heard another shot,” Ms.I Nichols for CNN.

When the shooting started, Tricia was on one of the hallways, a few feet away from her sister.

“I couldn’t see her anymore. Everyone was running and I found myself stuck between people who were pushing while escaping,” Bobbi Lynn recalls.

The woman said she ran outside as far as she could, until she reached a line of trees and a fence where she hid while waiting for police to arrive.

He had to wait two hours after the police arrived to finally learn Tricia’s fate.

“My sister called 911 to try to save everyone. She lost her life because of this. He was an excellent person. My sister was a hero who loved everyone,” she said, crying.

Bobbi Lynn praised her sister’s generosity in organizing fundraisers for various causes despite working three jobs. She left behind a 25-year-old son.

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