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Forcing a bakery to compensate an employee who was fired for urinating in bowls

Forcing a bakery to compensate an employee who was fired for urinating in bowls

A bakery in Barcelona, ​​Spain, will have to pay the equivalent of more than $35,000 to an employee fired for urinating in mixing bowls… because the camera that allegedly caught her in the act was illegally installed in the room.

During the summer of 2018, a New Croissant bakery employee, who has not been identified, received a dismissal letter after she was apparently caught urinating in containers designated for the kitchen, the Telegraph reported on Thursday.

In images taken by a surveillance camera, which was allegedly installed in the room without warning staff, the woman can be seen “squatting”. [et] “Using in a bowl” before rinsing it with water and “putting it with the rest of the clean utensils, used later in production for customer consumption,” a detective hired by the company told the Catalan Supreme Court.

However, according to Spanish law, an employer is prohibited from installing cameras in employee break areas, including changing rooms, toilets and dining rooms.

Since the bakery did not have any designated changing space, the employees used a production area, where the woman would be surprised, for this purpose, making it illegal to install a camera in this space.

Therefore, the company will have to pay the employee more than 25,000 euros, or more than $35,300, as compensation for the loss of income associated with her dismissal, according to what was reported by The Telegraph.

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