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Letter to the author: My dream is called “United States of Europe”

I feel like Heinrich Hein in the so-called Night Thoughts: “If I think of Germany at night, I will lose sleep”. The blind flight we have been experiencing for many months when coming to Corona is not the only sleep for me. It drives the level of adrenaline to the summit. Masks, tests, measurements, vaccines, vaccines; One failure after another. We should all clear our heads and think about the major challenges after the epidemic and the federal elections in the fall, and explore, discuss and evaluate them if the parties already have them available.

You may or may not appreciate the FDP, Christian Lindner’s analysis of the state of Germany will hit the nail on the head. I quote: “When we look at the situation in our country, we have to recognize the lie that we will live in an orderly and organized society. We have enormous deficits in the digitalization of government and education, Germany’s competitiveness has been drastically reduced, and we have the highest tax rates and the highest social contributions to rising energy prices … “.

The list of challenges is huge. Tops the educational agenda. The “building material” for the future must be rediscovered. This also applies to content and methods, responsibilities and organization.

The bureaucratic monster must finally be killed. The number of laws and regulations is enormous and continues to grow, although every federal government and Brussels promises the opposite. The costs of administration are rising, and the costs of projects are rising. Planners and executives need not complain. The system is sick.

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Using the example of the corona, we now see how far behind we are in digitalization in international comparison. The next government will have to prove that it has learned from these shortcomings, because digitalization will be the main impetus for improvement and productivity in the long run.

Protection against climate change, which is caused by us, is a major challenge.

Through obstacles and restrictions we no longer get through. The solution should be sought primarily in innovative technologies, including hydrogen technologies and modern nuclear technologies. Otherwise, our energy costs, which are already unbearable, will continue to rise, putting even more pressure on our competitiveness.

Talks about burdens: We are “leaders” in Europe when it comes to taxes and duties. A fundamental reform delay in the Middle Ages to use our growth potential to escape the dangerous debt trap set by the Corona.

‘How do we create more growth?’ I am curious to see how many times the central question of. Will be resolved in the election plans. The Green Project is now available.

It’s very unbalanced, Germany may be greener, but it’s definitely not going to be great. I dare say that a Prime Minister Gretchman would not want to participate in this show.

Aside from the inward challenges, it is about Europe. The central question is how much Europe we should have in the future to avoid being sidelined in competition with the United States, China and Russia. My dream is called the “United States of Europe.” If we are to strive for this long-term goal, we must set the critical domain today. This is primarily and importantly related to the question of which states are the most mature, if they wish they could be part of a major Europe. Initially, the group of participants should be small. The center and substructure must be rearranged. Often a majority of results must be provided. They will need a general budget based on their own income.

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Debt break is essential. Finally, effective barriers must be provided, including the exclusion of members. Regardless of my dream, some of these points need to be clarified urgently. Unfortunately, going in this direction is little or nothing in the election manifesto.

I fear that we cannot go beyond a coalition agreement softened by compromises to create a plan for the future of Germany and Europe that deserves this name. Since hope dies last, I believe I am wrong.

& ldquo;  Trump damages the foundations of democracy & ldquo;

Michael Rokowski, Heidenheim