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Les Enfants Terribles: 15 years of restoration

Les Enfants Terribles: 15 years of restoration

Either you know Terrible children By Jean Cocteau, a novel published in 1929, or you know Terrible Children by the exceptional restaurateur Francine Brulé, whose restaurants are like extensions of our homes.

The first address, which opened on Bernard Street in Outremont, celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, on the eve of Francine’s 70th birthday next year. Not only does it make the entrepreneur in me dream, but it inspires me as a mother, as a woman, and it made me sick, as they say! I’ve been loyal for 15 years.

Bernard Street Terrace

Photo provided by Les Enfants Terribles

Rock and roll life, like it

It is her autobiography that should be written, celebrating the life and journey of this great sunshine lady. Francine has been known to be a godsend in the fashion world for the past 35 years. She concluded this chapter by closing the agency that bore her name after making it one of the most important agencies in the country.

At 53, a little note of retirement hummed in his head. She dreams of traveling around the world and having a rest.

This excellent saleswoman, who always knew how to catch the ball on the jump, loves to take risks and increase profits challenges impossible. Instead of packing her bag to Venice, she got up stomach Over the local bankrupt, he wins against all odds and opens the dreadful Les Enfants to invest money in. The line circles the building on the first day, amidst the chaos of the new catering apprentice. Six Enfants Terribles exist today. And after the years of the epidemic, crisis management training continues at the level of Harvard University, as she put it. But that doesn’t stop him from thinking about other challenges, like going to the grocery store.

Catering is a LifestyleWell, it’s not a job

Passion, a heart that works without counting the hours, and a desire to please define Francine’s style. With her very assertive and warm personality, when I ask her who her ideal client is, she answers me: someone who allows me to please her.

When I ask her how she coaches her teams, she replies: “I teach them not to think about their income, but to please themselves and success will follow. It’s hard to communicate.”

0826 Zest Diaz

The dining room at Place Ville-Marie

Photo provided by Les Enfants Terribles

Children feel relieved

For my daughter’s birthday a few weeks ago, we chose to celebrate her at Les Enfants Terribles, as it is an extension of the house. And it’s so much fun with us, so we can be easily disappointed. This is what my daughter wanted, get out, but get in feeling To stay with us dressed matching set running where you live. And above all, treat yourself to a perfect family menu. Three mini bogos chorizo ​​for everyone as an appetizer, fried calamari with spicy mayonnaise, cheese machine, cheeseburger with Jamaican dressing, tacos and lime, cilantro and cucumber aioli, fries of course, but also the giant unmissable Caesar salad with prosciutto chips to share with everyone. And taken from everyone’s dishes.

I always say that cooking and eating is one of the best ways to enjoy life. And sitting at Francine’s is the solution feeling We cooked for our world a simple, honest, comforting menu. Happy Children’s Day!

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