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LEGO Gallery – Space Invasion

LEGO Gallery – Space Invasion

From the “visionary” novelist Jules Verne to the “visionary” billionaire Elon Musk, including the NASA mission: Apollo 11, which fulfilled one of humanity’s wildest dreams: “walking on the moon”, a global event followed at the time by several billion people. , The conquest of space has always captivated and fascinated as many people as possible!

With passions for astronomy, space adventures and LEGO building blocks, their association was an obvious choice for me to imagine and design this original exhibition, enriched with new works at each show. This exhibition shows, among other things, the functioning of our solar system as well as the first steps of man on the moon, which were the starting point for a greater reflection than is present today, regarding the protection of our planet that seems so fragile. Viewed from space.

The conquest of space, the return of man to the moon, the colonization of Mars and many other topics remain, to this day, at the heart of the discussions of various nations wishing to better understand the universe that surrounds them. These future epics will fuel our wildest dreams and will be inexhaustible sources of inspiration, like those of the past, for science fiction authors, whether in literature, TV series or cinema, and will also be able to embellish this exhibition. In LEGO Bricks”, which takes place for the first time in Paris, at the 17th City Hall, from October 11 to November 29, 2023!

A cultural, educational, community and tourism exhibition that allows young people and the elderly to understand and understand space better, both far away and very close to us, in a fun way with works made of LEGO bricks of imagination and space history Adventure!

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Eric Goss
Founder of the brand “Histoire en bricks®”.
Director of Epicur Studio agency