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From the ground to the sky, science is celebrated in Montgelhard

From the ground to the sky, science is celebrated in Montgelhard

From October 11 to October 13, the Science Festival takes place in the Forges de Pyrène. Demonstrations, conferences and experiences are offered to visitors.

From October 11 to 13, the 32nd Science Festival takes place in the unforgettable village of Forges de Perrin. From the entrance, at the reception platform, BTS tourism students advise and inform the visitor, so that they can discover the various activities, exhibitions and conferences on the site on the theme of the year, sports and science, but also topics such as energy, sustainable development, astronomy, biodiversity, physics, humanities and social sciences.

Durroux High School allows each group to be mentored by a student from the institution. During Thursday and Friday, from 9 a.m. to noon and 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., here’s a preview of some of the wings.

The blacksmith’s workshop, one of 31 platforms, will reveal the secrets of iron and steel. In the Maths-Olympiques platform, sports games are offered, with this command regarding the games: “No touching”. The Friends of the Textile Museum’s loom is always interesting, as you watch the (non-space) shuttle move from left to right and back again, to see the emergence of the multi-colored fabric.

Yannis, a student at the Therapeutic Educational and Pedagogical Institute, will explain how the water rocket works according to Newton’s principle: “action-reaction.” Missiles are launched outside. There is also an attitude about how to observe and study the ocean. On the other side of the bridge crossing the River Scios, the Society of Caves and Archaeology will hold a “discussion with young people, so they can question science.” This association will open a house of sciences in Mas d’Azil. Depending on the responses of young people, the association will adapt the content and scenography. The cave committee will propose the discovery of the underground world, its fauna and the formation of caves. Among the mysteries of the underworld: the intermittent source of Fontestorbes, “unique in the world because of its extraordinary regularity,” writes Professor Alain Mangin of the CNRS. A model designed by the teacher will be displayed.

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Mobiscope Occitanie will have you turning your head towards the sky, during the day to enjoy the sun, with a solar telescope that filters out 99% of the rays. The image is transmitted to a large screen with a delay of 9 minutes, which is the time it takes light to travel a distance of 150 million kilometers. This evening, from 8:30pm to 11pm, the club will be present to allow you to view Jupiter and Saturn in telescopes, but above all to look at nebulae and supernova remnants (what remains after a star explodes) all photographed with a telescope equipped with an imaging camera Astronomical and displayed on a 2.40 m screen.

Randomly drawn theme

There is no science festival without wonderful conferences. Today, at 10 am, the conference “Our Nature Reserve on the banks of the Hers River”, a conference prepared and presented by students from the La Bastide-sur-l’Hers school.

At 2 pm and also on Friday at 10 am, conference: “Great Inventions” by Gérard Letraublon of the Vive la Science association. A look at the great inventions that have marked the centuries, in 24 topics: the sail, the clock, the telescope, the telephone, the submarine, the airplane, the computer, surgery, etc. Participants receive a numbered ticket upon entry, and through a lottery, the ticket holder will choose the topic to be covered.

Free admission.