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“Clown, science and a whole lot of questions”

“Clown, science and a whole lot of questions”

On the occasion of the Science Festival celebrated from October 7 to 15, the National Radioactive Waste Management Agency (ANDRA) presented an unforgettable cosmic theatrical journey during the opening of this week dedicated to the world of discovery.

Saturday, October 7, at the Auditoire de Joinville, a show called “Where Are We?” This performance, which combines humor and accessibility, captured the attention of audiences of all ages, from 10 and up, as families in attendance with younger children can attest. At the heart of this performance, a clown named Karabin, a lover of the universe, lets himself be swept up in a flood of fascinating questions. With palpable tenderness and infectious energy, Karabin told the story of the universe, from its origins to its forces at work, including galaxies, light, and the void. Although the Clown is full of wonder, he admits that he does not understand everything. He shares thoughts on Einstein, who believed there was only one galaxy, the Big Bang, the speed of light and stars, among other topics. In a joyful atmosphere, Karabin also explored the expressions and metaphors associated with the universe that is omnipresent in our daily lives. Phrases such as “aim for the moon,” “get the moon,” “sleep under the stars,” “get a full moon face,” or “get a lucky star” have been treated with poetry mixed with humor.

Despite the small number of spectators, they were impressed by this performance, which knew how to combine entertainment and education. “The show was born from a dual passion for clowning, science, and a whole lot of questions,” explains Emily Trasenti, who brilliantly embodies Carabine on stage. Her husband, Massimo Trasenti, put on the lights and music for the show. These two artists are members of the #tout contre# company that presents a live presentation of the universe in a friendly and fun way.

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“Where are we then?” This book thus offers an entertaining and informative dive into the mysteries of the universe, reminding everyone that science can be as captivating as it is fun. An unmissable event for all curious people, young and old, seeking discovery and wonder.