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CMSI Châtellerault

At the Chatlerault Hospital, an immediate care medical center has just opened

It is the second CMSI (Medical Center for Immediate Care) to open in Vienna after the Poitiers Center which opened at the beginning of 2021. Since Monday, July 4th, Liberal doctor and nurse Patient care at the ex-vaccination center at Châtelarault Hospital. Goal : Deregister the emergency department.

At the entrance to the Camille Guerin Hospital, there are new signs indicating the way for visitors. As with every hospital department, the arrows lead to CMSI car park. in the building, Six examination rooms including one dedicated to the production of plasters, Pharmacy supplies and equipment.

From 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., the secretary is responsible for patient entry and exit. For care, a liberal doctor and nurse are mobilized. It’s about healing Various wounds, burns, trauma and fractures Which the city doctor can’t take care of but doesn’t require passing through to vital emergencies either.

Before going there, it is advisable to call 15 to ensure proper orientation. Sebastian Tancho is the co-responsible nurse for the site: “It allows you to know if a patient’s access is more dependent on general medicine, CMSI, or public emergencies. But if there is any doubt about care, If we think we can’t do this on our service, we redirect Either to the emergency department or to a general practitioner.

real cooperation between Liberal Medicine and General Hospital The nurse says: “We are providing crisis support for these emergency services that have to be closed due to a shortage of staff. We should see this service as a good thing in the days when emergencies are over.”

In Poitiers, since it opened a year ago, the medical center takes care of a hundred patients every day.

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