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Last straight line for "Pamiers in space"

Last straight line for “Pamiers in space”

On Friday, as part of Operation Pamiers in Space, Town Hall organized an outdoor cinema session in Republic Square by showing the animated film from Disney and Pixar Studios, “Wall-e.” Despite the torrential rain, about thirty people braved the surrounding humidity to enjoy the adventures of this little robot on the big screen. With sanitary procedures in place, sanitary permits were necessary to access the planned area. But this does not mean excluding people who do not have a permit. Because even behind the barriers, everyone can watch the movie.

Around 9:45 p.m., as soon as he reached the arena, the big screen was gone within a few minutes. Sitting is well appreciated by the children and their parents, wearing large coats.

If Operation Pamirs in Space, carried out in partnership with the National Center for Space Studies (CNES), is about to end soon, activities are still planned for this week.

Closing Friday evening, at Irene Cross Gymnasium

Today, families are expected to marvel at the stars during Astronomy Evening, on the Castilla Plateau, from 8:30 p.m. and during the day, young wolves will put themselves in astronaut shoes for space training at the Neptunia Aquatic Center. . But this activity has been sold. Thursday is the start of the two Exploratory Workshops: Getting Started in Robotics and a session in the Planetarium that will be filled with visitors to the Irénée-Cros gymnasium.

To wrap up this adventure, on Friday, still at the Irénée-Cros gymnasium, the mics and rockets will be launched at 3pm. And finally, the last package with a festive evening organized from 6 pm.

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