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Cancun. Cancer: start checking companies

Cancer … the word “fell”, often accompanied by great anguish … so it is important to report things, discover them and take them in hand if necessary. Admittedly, information campaigns multiplied, often around “Pink October (breast cancer) and” Blue Mars “(colon and rectal cancer) with the support of beautiful events organized by” brave and courageous people who want to confirm their struggle that they have decided to fight the disease and say “I’m cured, I’m cured yet Long trip (fashion show, sales booths and concerts for the benefit of medical research against cancer …

But we must go further, and convince the population of the need for screening, which is still very low. Also, a major partnership between the Regional Cancer Screening Coordination Center and the Lotte Valley Health Center and Mutualité Sociale Agricole with the help of the professional health community VISIO47; Terrumentse wanted, “to do more by going to beneficiaries and encouraging sorting” by investing in the world of work.

To start this UNICOQUE collaborative program. It seems necessary to meet with staff to inform and raise awareness, but also for guidance and support. In recent days, a meeting was held to present this concept in business between Ms. Filipozzi, HR Director of the Cooperative, Ms. Desprats, Public Health/PSV Facilitator, with the Director, Dr. Hay, Regional Cancer Screening Coordinator, Ms. Castets-Leroux, Managing Director of MSA and Mrs. Pichard, Mayor of Cancun.

This successful compilation marks the beginning of an organized fight against cancer. Doctors and pharmacists have an important informational role; As well as the distribution of test kits. Contact: 05 53 66 56 32.

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