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La Poche Bleue loses an ad campaign

La Poche Bleue loses an ad campaign

Last week you may have heard about an episode of Sous Éducation that was finally removed from the web by Mike Ward. Here we’re talking about the episode with the guys from La Poche Bleue, Guillaume Latendresse and Maxime Lapierre.

The behavior of the two men, who were under the influence of alcohol, sparked a reaction.

Very few people got to see the deleted episode, but those who did know that the dynamic between the former players and the host, during the taping, wasn’t ideal.

Mike Ward may have downplayed the incident and the men may have apologized, but the topic refuses to leave the news.

Now Quebec’s construction commission, CCQ, has put its two cents on the matter. how? By ending its collaboration with La Poche Bleue.

As we learn Journalist Genevieve Lajoie, who works for the Journal de QuébecLPB collaborated with the Community College of Qatar as part of a worker training campaign.

Even if many development activities remain in place as part of the campaign, the link with La Poche Bleue will be severed.

The Community College of Qatar recently conducted a survey that highlighted the fact that nearly 80% of construction workers do not file complaints in cases of harassment and intimidation. Since this has to change, staying tied to Latendresse and Lapierre becomes illogical.

This is an issue that we have raised a lot, and we continue to work on, so for us, it is really unacceptable to be associated with this type of behavior. – Marie-Noelle Deblois, official spokesperson for the Community College of Qatar

It is important to remember that over the past few days, we have been talking about the men’s actions, but without talking about the impact of their actions on sponsors or their partners such as CCQ.

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This text, relating to their actions, has sparked particular debate.

We must now ask ourselves whether other companies (or groups like CCQ) will end their association with LPB. Sometimes, all it takes is one gesture to start a wave.

Therefore the file must persist.

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