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Singer Cornelio will be detained for the rest of the court proceedings

Singer Cornelio will be detained for the rest of the court proceedings

An arrest warrant was issued against him on November 23, after he failed to appear before court in a case in which he is accused of drugging two people without their knowledge. The alleged acts are alleged to have been committed in August 2013 and June 2016.

The Prosecutor of the Criminal and Criminal Prosecution Office, May Laurence Fanny Lestag, commented that “the court was not reassured by the guarantees provided by the defense to guarantee the defendants’ attendance before the court on the upcoming dates.”

During Tuesday’s hearing in Montreal court, Detective Sergeant Alexandre Renaud testified about the details of his arrests, the first of which occurred on November 11, 2022.

According to Detective Sergeant Reno, investigators attempted to contact him via several means, including telephone, but the person did not respond. Finally they went to his house, and despite numerous calls and warnings, they had to break down the door with a battering ram. Mr. Renaud explained on Tuesday that Mr. Munteano was “hiding” under a blanket.

Since then, investigators have taken several steps to find Mr. Munteano, the SPVM told Noovo Info. However, he no longer lives at the address where the first arrest took place.

On November 30, a citizen finally called 911 to inform them that the person police were looking for was at an apartment in Laval. Authorities went to the scene and arrested him around 7:15 p.m.

“The individual was cooperative,” an SPVM spokesperson told Noovo Info.

Munteano has remained behind bars since then. He blamed his lawyer for missing this court appearance. He particularly criticized them for not informing him of the agenda.

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Last Friday, his request to be released pending Tuesday’s hearing was rejected.

The accused also presented his version of the facts during Tuesday’s hearing.

“The judge found that the accused made contradictory statements, and at times even fell into a state of confusion. In short, his story was contradictory.

Mr. Munteanu will return to court on December 7.

Furthermore, the opera singer faced two counts of vehicle theft in the state of Tennessee in the United States. He pleaded guilty to the reduced offense of taking a vehicle without permission. Thus, it was in the absence of a warrant in the United States.

Previous participant in star Academy He was also charged with shoplifting in connection with a story that occurred on January 6, 2018 involving a Canadian in Laval. But the charges were dropped the following year.

With information from Marie-Pierre Boucher for Noovo Info