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Knowledge, Faith and Creation (4/4): Coincidence or intentional?

By Louis Fries
I support

If he claims that he takes into account the achievements of science, then the doctrine ofsmart designor “intelligent design,” refutes the role of chance in creation and evolution.

For the philosophy that fought so hard against the theory of evolution, creationism shows great adaptability. After the setback brought about by the Supreme Court of the United States – in its decision Edwards v. Aguillard, in 1987, deemed Louisiana law unconstitutional requiring public schools to teach “creation science” once Darwinian evolution was included in the school curriculum—some Christian creationists changed their minds. No more asking them to raise verses from Genesis or shout flags. Proponents of what will soon be called intelligent design, are careful to avoid direct references to God and the Bible and accept a non-literal reading of the Bible. One of the main proponents of this doctrine, the Discovery Institute, an influential conservative American think tank founded in 1990, describes intelligent design as a “scientific theory…

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