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Respiratory failure association takes legal action

Respiratory failure association takes legal action

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Paris (AFP) – The FFAAIR, a federation that brings together associations of patients with or without respiratory disabilities, has begun taking legal action to “highlight” defective Phillips respirators, according to a press release released Wednesday by his attorney in the case.

Judging the information from Philips “inadequate and contradicting that we have collected in other countries” and desiring to “shed all light on the issue,” FFAIR commissioned attorney Christophe Legefakis “to file a complaint against X, a party civilian on behalf of the association,” said Christian Trochot. , director of the union quoted in the press release.

The complaint, which will “primarily target crimes of endangering the lives of others, deception and management of harmful materials,” “should be submitted in mid-April, the time to prepare a full dossier and ‘incorporate natural persons who wish to join us’,” also quoted by attorney Christophe Legefakis. .

FFAIR also supports the teamwork project led by this attorney. “This teamwork can allow us (…) to be in the thousands and thus make us respected by Philips, the authorities and even doctors,” estimates Christian Trochot.

ANSM took binding action on Friday to force industrial giant Philips to expedite the replacement of the faulty ventilator, used specifically against sleep apnea, under penalty of criminal prosecution. The group, which denounced the “unjustified” measure, announced its intention to consider an appeal.

Philips announced last summer that it was recalling several models of devices around the world with the goal of helping patients breathe better.

These devices, which are used by 370,000 patients in France and 1.5 million patients across Europe, contain sound-absorbing foam. The Dutch group noted that the particles exited the device and could be inhaled or swallowed.

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This can cause irritation and headache. The group also noted a “potential” risk of developing long-term cancers.

More than six months after this announcement, the French authorities regret that Philips was too slow to replace faulty appliances.

But ANSM also seeks to reassure concerned patients by urging them not to dispose of their devices.

As Christian Truchot explained a position in the press release: “I would rather fear an uncertain and distant danger, by continuing to use a respirator, than face the specific and immediate danger of stopping treatment.”