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Kent Hughes has reportedly said that none of his defensive potential is available

Kent Hughes has reportedly said that none of his defensive potential is available

As everyone knows, the future of the Montreal Canadiens is bright.

It is no coincidence that CH supporters mostly bought the Reconstruction plan drawn up by Kent Hughes and his gang.

Fans are excited about the many quality opportunities within the CH organization, and are confident that some of them will become important factors in the team's future success.

But we note that in terms of quality, there is an imbalance between the offensive and defensive prospects.

In fact, the Hab has more quality opportunities in defence, which will definitely create congestion on the blue line.

In fact, this congestion already exists, as it has been widely discussed by supporters and the media.

Everyone wonders which hopes will be chosen to form the defense brigade of the future and which hopes will be sacrificed.

Because yes, it's better to trade young defenders who you don't see in the plans when they have value.

However, it appears that Kent Hughes was not open to trading his young defensive prospect.

In fact, according to Richard Labbe, Kent Hughes said before the trade deadline that none of his defensive prospects were available.

This is what the CH General Manager would have told the other General Managers when they called before March 8.

Once the GM called CH, he asked about a defensive prospect, but Kent Hughes responded by saying none were available.

It's pretty telling that Hughes isn't even open to discussion considering the defensive congestion that's coming so quickly is already somewhat of a reality at the moment.

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Does Hughes realize he has a lot of potential good young defenders?

Most likely yes.

Perhaps he has not yet decided what hopes CH would prefer to keep. Evaluations of all defensive possibilities may not be complete.

These are big decisions that CH will have to make, because the latter will not want to make mistakes by exchanging a defender that he should have kept in the end.

However, what is certain is that Richard Labbe wants Kent Hughes to be open to all offers and discussions in the draft.

It's important that no path is blocked before a conversation even takes place, because with a young defenseman who may be accompanied by something else like a first-round pick, a CH could go and get a high-profile performance up front.

We all know that CH lacks attack and must improve at this level.

during His time on the Zone Exit podcastLabbé once again brings back the name Trevor Zegras.

In short, this is an issue that still needs to be followed closely.

We remember that the transaction is made more easily during the summer.

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