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This Quebecker has been running at least six kilometers a day…for 48 years!

This Quebecker has been running at least six kilometers a day…for 48 years!

A resident of Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, in Lanaudière, recently hung up his running shoes after running at least six kilometers a day for 48 years.

Simon Laporte, now 72, ended his astonishing streak on January 2. He achieved his feat on 17,586 consecutive days.

In total, he traveled more than 270,000 kilometres, nearly seven times the circumference of the Earth. Some days he would run more than 6 km. He has been known to run for up to 48 hours straight.

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“Running was my hobby. I wanted to compete, so as long as I was training intensely six days a week, I told myself that on the seventh day, I cover six kilometers for half an hour, there is nothing there!”

The runner never missed a single day, regardless of the weather or his physical condition.

“Sometimes you don't Feel No, you will run the same way, because the advantage of running is that Feel “After a long time,” says Simon Laporte.

He didn't even take a day off when he got married, or when his wife gave birth to each of their four children.

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The runner even shares his passion with two of his four children. They also completed a marathon together in 2017.

But Simon Laporte has decided to end his very long plan due to leg and hip injuries.

However, he can boast of holding the Canadian record for the most consecutive racing days.

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