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Kayden Primo will join Boston's reserve squad

Kayden Primo will join Boston’s reserve squad

The name Guardian Cayden Primeau was put on the COVID-19 protocol 11 days ago. Well now he will be back in the team entourage on Wednesday. He will join the club’s reserve team in Boston.

Michael McNavin was sold to the Rocket de Laval Rocket.

For Louis-Philip Guindon, who got a pro experience with Rocket a week ago, his time with the team was over.

McNiven won’t finally play a big club meeting. However, he will have the opportunity to play for Laval on Wednesday, when the team hosts the Toronto Marlies at Place Bell. It will be in front of an empty stadium where the goalkeeper will make his first match since December 17th.

Kevin Boleyn will be the number two goalkeeper.

As for the lions, their list is already understaffed. With several of his players left for Laval and some of his players called up by the Canadian, Trois-Rivieres is the biggest loser as he is directly affected.

However, good days are coming, as many CH players are expected to return with the squad in the coming days.

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– Cedric Desruiso summoned by the missile.

– Bulldogs want to win.

– Totally stupid Sunday in the NFL. The Jaguars take out the Colts, the Lions surprise the best team in the NFL and the Steelers will make the playoffs if tonight’s Chargers-Raiders game doesn’t end in a draw.

Jaguar, despite its victory, will secure first-choice in the draft for the second year in a row.

Tuukka Rask could play in the NHL sooner than expected.